[two_third]Streamroots is a call to the water.

It’s a call to come and soak: to push deeper into the hidden, underground reservoir of our God-breathed, Christ-exalting faith, a fathomless reservoir that can rush quietly through our core but often remains untapped. It’s a call to brave the heat, to stand firm as the inferno rages and find that even in the midst of flames, fruit can be borne. It’s a call to uncover the wonder that the pruning of sanctification is the genesis for abundance.

It’s joy for the journey. It’s grace and goodness and mystery. It’s hope and harvest and certainty.

These musings are the outworking of what the Lord has birthed in my spirit through the travail and triumph of life. Many thoughts are the hard-won prize after years of Jacob-like wrestling. Others are the observations and mediations of a day. But as you ponder each, may you be mightily met by the God of endurance, encouragement and hope (Romans 15:5,13).
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