Advent 2019 Week One

“Lord, let not our souls be busy inns that have no room for Thee or Thine, but quiet homes of prayer and praise where Thou mayest find fit company; where the needful cares of life are wisely ordered and put away and wide, sweet spaces kept for Thee; where holy thoughts pass up and down and fervent longings watch and wait Thy coming.”
Julian of Norwich
She Reads Truth Advent 2019, page 12

This is the season of promise.

This kairos time which we anticipate each year — the annual, specially appointed season of Advent — marks the remembrance of promise as well as its fulfillment. And as we ease into this first week, flipping into the pages of the Old Covenant and scouring its story for Divine declarations of hope, something in our souls should stir.

Because our Father is a God of promise.

He’s not only the Promise Maker, declaring impossibilities and causing our hearts tingle with the fervent longing of His glory-words coming to pass, but He’s also the Promise Keeper. From His redemption declaration in Genesis 3 straight through to His triumphant announcement of return in Revelation 22, His promises and their fulfillments fill the pages of Scripture.

Isaiah, Jeremiah, Micah… prophets both major and minor boldly declared their message of faith: He is coming to be faithful. He spoke, and He will make good on His word. And with the opening texts of Matthew and Luke, we see the Promise Keeper showing off His goodness. So, Advent becomes a clarion call, ringing the bells of promise once again to draw us to remember.

He has promised.

He WILL come through.

As you move through the duties and joys of this week, ask the Father to stir the remembrance of His promises in your spirit.  Like those ancient Israelities who waited millenia for the advent of Messiah, what promises has God spoken over your life which have felt too long in coming? Ask Jesus to renew your hope. Give Him eager praise for the fulfillment of every promise which He has made, even before they come to pass. Make declarations of those promises each morning as you spend time with Him. Then, take a moment to share one of those precious promises with us so that we can link arms with you in intercession!


  • The Lord has been so good to speak promises over my life — and so many of them have already come to pass, because He’s a faithful Daddy! But one for which I am still believing is the promise that our family will be brought into a season of financial abundance. This is something He has spoken over and over again, and I am trusting that in His perfect timing, He will accomplish it! And, like Abraham, I’m going to give Him glory right here, on this side of the promise — He is incredibly faithful and WILL bring to pass what He has spoken!

  • I declare that my family belongs to the Lord- that we are His, AND that He is ours!  I thank and praise the Lord that my husband is being called and transformed, that he will be a Godly man, that my husband and children will know and love the Lord, and that my family will be characterized by peace, unity & worship of the Almighty! Thank you Father God, for your love & goodness! Thank you for moving our mountains! We worship and adore you!

    • Yes and amen, Megan! Praying and believing with you that every promise He has made regarding your family will come to pass!

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