Advent 2019 Intro

Christmastime is here, and I know we’re all feeling it: the anticipation. The joy. The craziness! So before we tune our hearts to the melody of Advent, let’s take a moment to greet one another. We’ll be journeying the next four weeks together, and no matter how involved you choose to be with our online community, you’re an integral part of our corporate sisterhood in Jesus. We need each other! Far or near, it’s such a delight to know that we’re interceding for each other. I’m praying for each of you, that you’ll daily find those hushed moments to wait at the Master’s feet, asking Jesus to gift you with the fresh joy of His grace.

So, let’s get started!

Who are you?  In our online study forum, that simply means we’d love to know your name, where you hang your hat, and if you’re gutsy, how many years you’ve walked this earth.

What’s one thing (at least!) that you love about yourself? No apologies here, girls. Share with us something praiseworthy about the way the Father made you. We’ll be sure to smile right with you!

What’s the best part of Christmas? In the words of our twenty-something girls, what gives you all the feels? Baking, caroling, wrapping? Family gatherings or Christmas Eve candlelight service? Give us the goods.

I’ll start.

I’m Tiffany. I’m blessed to have lived in the beach town of San Clemente, CA for 26 years. And although it has its challenges, 49 is an absolutely delightful season of life! 

In spite of my natural dislike for risky situations that involve change, this year the Father has asked me to step out in faith in larger ways than ever before. As I’ve said yes (and am still saying it!), I am loving the woman that I see emerging from my heart — a girl who is more fearless for the Kingdom!

The absolute best part of Christmas?  Well, that’s almost impossible for me to tell. Christmas is my favorite time of year, always has been. But I guess I’d have to say…the music. All day long, every day.

Your turn! 


  • HI! I’m Annie & I’ve walked this earth about 44 yrs, lived in BEAUTIFUL San Clemente CA for 7 years!
    I’m adventusuresome & curious. I love trying new things!
    Christmas lights, music, family & friends are some of my Christmas Favorites❤

  • Hi! I am Rebecca Stavros! I have been blessed to live in the panhandle of Florida for practically my entire life! I am 24 and am currently attending Pensacola Christian College and helping my mom at home! I love spending time with my 6 brothers and helping them with their homeschooling. I also love to spend time with my sister, especially at college and in the kitchen! The Lord has given me a sensitive spirit and a heart to give! Also, I enjoy both delicate activities and adventurous activities! My favorite part about Christmas…that is a difficult choice! I love so much about Christmas, the celebration of Christ’s birth! I especially love decorating the tree and home with my family while listening to Christmas music!

  • Hello! Michelle here, currently a new resident of Cleveland, OH! 28 years old and mama to my 15 month old daughter, Harper Belle!
    I love my joy and excitement when I am passionate about something! It is a God given joy for sure and I currently am so pumped to celebrate Advent this year!
    CHRISTMAS is just the best! Music is by far my favorite second to gift wrapping!

  • Hello!! I’m Kristen, I originally hail from Texas but currently live in PA. I sorely miss our San Clemente friends but have been stepping out in faith to see what the Lord has for us. I’m a follower of Jesus, wife, mother of two, and am so excited for this study.

    One gift the Lord has given me that I love is my pioneering spirit and willingness to go and do whatever He’s calling me to! The anticipation of His goodness and guidance overwhelms me. We are in a time of big transition and the potential is palpable!

    My favorite part about Christmas, like Tiffany said, is the music! It’s one thing that remains the same no matter where we are or who we are with. My favorites become more powerful with each passing season and are filled with fresh feeling of anticipation of His birth and second coming. In this season of transition all our things are packed in a pod and we will be spending the month in an Airbnb. I’m excited for the simplicity of this specific holiday season and anticipate deep meaning and time with Him without all the extra things.

      • hi! I’m Megan Raines, & I’m 41 yr old- I live in San Clemente with my husband and 3 boys. One thing I love about myself is the silliness & joy that God has woven into my being. About Christmas, I don’t think I can choose just one thing I love most about it. I love the cozy fires, the music!, Christmas trees, the fragrances, festivities, family time, giving gifts, the joyful anticipation & preparation, candlelight service… it’s all the best! Christmas is my favorite! Looking forward to joining in this advent experience with you guys!

  • Hello Lovely Ladies! I love this time a year and Advent holds a special time in my life of pausing and waiting and then Celebrating, I have been humbled in that each new curve I follow on His Path he has given me a secret peak into his Kingdom and all I want to do and pray for is to see fear and tears turn to Confidence and Joy in others, so great to see familiar names and connected in a deeper way through celebrating his Word together.

    • I forgot to add the questions specifically. I am 41 years young and been in San Clemente throughout my life, but now for a solid 8 years. I love that God has written in my book that I love adventure and I am fair game to try and go for big Scary things and to accomplish them with his smile and love! haha

  • I am Rachel. I have lived all 22 years of my life in the panhandle of Florida. I have amazing parents, a lovely sister, and six wonderful brothers.

    I am usually rather shy, but since I have started college, I have learned to lean on God’s strength more and more. He has helped me to overcome my fears. But I am still perfectly content being a listener and quiet strength in the background. On a different note, I love to organize and make things aesthetically pleasing. I also love to do arts of all kinds: from crocheting to hairstyling, from sewing to drawing, from baking to painting nails.

    I agree! I love the music of Christmas! Along with listening to our family’s traditional Christmas discs, I always teach my younger brothers special piano pieces that they perform on Christmas eve as a gift to our mom.

  • Hello, or Moin, as we say in Northern Germany! My name is Jordan, I turned 31 a few days ago, and I have lived for the past 3 years in Hamburg, Germany with my amazing husband. I grew up in sunny San Clemente, CA, and lived there until the Lord sent a wonderful man overseas to take me on the greatest adventure of my life! …and I am so thankful!! We are now pregnant with our first child, and learning to trust even more in God’s crazy plan for our lives and ministry together.

    I would say that one thing I have learned to really admire about myself is my willingness to step out in faith and take risks. Before I was a born-again Christian it just looked like crazy… but now that I have surrendered my life to God… it looks like crazy for Christ, and I dig it! God has also given me so much love for people and for the nations – I am blown away by His mercies every day.

    Over the past years, Christmas has taken on new meaning and shown itself to have many more sides than I grew up knowing. Celebrating Christmas for a few years in a different country has definitely led me to appreciate Christmas traditions – old and new. I really look forward to the Christmases to come, when we can make our own traditions with our baby.

  • Hello! My name is Rachel Torok! I am 19 years old and am so so excited to grow a new vision of Christ this holiday season. I currently am goin to school at Biola University but I live in san juan capistrano. Excited to walk with all of you! Hope everyone has had an awesome Thanksgiving and an even better Christmas!

    I love my outgoing personality and my growing strength through Jesus!

    My favorite part of the holidays are by far having an excuse to hang out with my family and friends. Also the Christmas music and excitement on Christmas day!!

  • Hi there, I’m Kathy and I’m happy to join in with you ladies! I’m 61 and I’ve lived in San Clemente, CA for 31 years. It’s home! But, my heart has been the Father’s home for over 40 years. God’s made me a momma/caregiver type and I love it! A Christmas nightlight for me is decorating the tree with a crackling fire going and listening to Charlie Brown Christmas music!

  • Hey Girls!
    Candicane Christman, Beautiful Dana Point, Ca
    I’m double grace 55! – And somehow feeling younger every year. I love Christmas lights, cozy fires and making special gifts for my daughters. I love my creativity, joyful heart and my laugh.

  • Hello my beautiful sisters! Merry Christmas!
    I’m Shawnda Boysel, living in Medina, Ohio. I’m going to turn 61 this month-following Jesus since I was 9… so grateful to be Bobs wife, mother of two amazing sons, and Nannie to Zeke. I love that Abba made me with a warriors heart, and I carry His HOPE with increasing strength! Yaayyy!!!
    Christmas is so sweet to my soul and senses- spending time with those I love around a fireplace, a decorated tree, at a concert of gorgeous music, even driving around to see the lights brings such happiness.
    Following Jesus with you as we celebrate HIM is a treat!

  • Hi everyone! I’m late to the party but love being part of this community! I think this is my 3rd year doing this 😊 Thank you for leading us, Tiffany! I am an Orange County girl, 29 years old, married, mom of a one and a half year old handsome dude!! He’s my pride and joy 💕 One thing i love about myself is my get-er-done attitude. Put any project in front of me and I’ll figure out the best way to accomplish it! My favorite thing about Christmas is the togetherness.. any chance to gather in unity is a blessing to my soul!

    • Loving that you’re on an Advent streak — three years in a row makes my heart so happy! 😉 Love ya, Malia!

  • Greeting Ladies: I am Debbi almost 63 living in San Clemente, CA. Mom of 6, five girls and one son. They are grown but I have raising 8 grand children, only three left under 18. I am a survivor of two strokes about a year and a half ago. Only by His grace do I make it daily.

    My favorite parts of Christmas are, the music, the love, the smiles on little ones faces and egg nog.

  • Hello beautiful women! Happy Christmas-time!
    I’m Alyssa, and I was born and raised mostly in San Clemente, CA but have lived in Santa Barbara for the last 3 years and it feels more like home with each year. I’m 21 years old, and I am ALL heart — I love how the Father made me to connect so deeply and intensely with people, to be moved by compassion with and for them, and to act from that place of deep love and care. I am a nurturer to my core!
    When it comes to Christmas, I love it all. I would have to say the music, lights, and smells are some of my top favorite things — as well as the occasional fire in the fire place, given that this is the only time of year where sunny California is ever slightly cold enough to give us an excuse for this luxury!

    I’m excited to journey through Advent season with each of you!

  • Hello ladies, I’m Amy! I was born and raised in San Diego, Ca but as of August I’ve been living in San Clemente. I love that God made me to be a true & genuine. I’ve seen over the years how that has allowed me to carry long term friendships, deep family connection and the ability to impact whoever I encounter in my daily life with loyal intentions.
    My favorite things about Christmas is the weather, I love to bundle up and quality time is brings with family & friends =)

    • Amy, I am thrilled that you are not only a part of our physical community now (yippee!), but also of our Advent community. Bienvenido!

  • Hello friends, I’m Noe 🙂 Born and raised in beautiful Costa Rica, I’m 24 years old.
    What I love most about myself is that I’m a free spirit that loves to take risks and giant leaps of faith with Papa, that allowed me to be a missionary for 6 years and now will be retaking it as it is my calling. I love spending time with Papa; I am a worship addict and prophesying over people! And if you hang long enough with me you’ll find yourself praying for random peeps on the street.

    I stinking love Christmas, mostly because Jesus was born!!! Agh such a sweet gift. Plus my very loud costarican family with all the food, dancing <3

    • Costa Rica is too far away! Can’t wait for you to come “home”, but overjoyed in the meantime to share Advent with you, Noe!

  • Hi everyone, I’m Hazel. A little late but so happy to join the Advent community. I live in Ladera Ranch with my husband and 3 boys, I’m 50 years old. One thing I love about myself is a harder question than I thought it would be so I asked the Lord and this is what He reminded me of– I love my compassion for others, a gift He gave me. My favorite thing about Christmas is watching the joy on my boys faces Christmas morning, Christmas Eve candlelight service and of course all the yummy food.

  • Hello everyone, I’m Lejeune and I am vary late to the introduction!
    I’ve lived in San Clemente all my life, I’m 19 years old.
    I’m so happy to be apart of this little community of ladies as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus! I love that ABBA made me so willing to try new things everyday weather it be new adventures or going deeper in what he has for me.

    Now I know Christmas is a beautiful time of the year, but I’ve never been big on decor, carols, or gifts, but what I really love is the quality time I get to spend with Friends and Family, as well as being able to celebrate the birth of Jesus!
    ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎

  • Hello all! Better late than never, right? 🙂
    I’m Kate, almost a quarter of a century old, and living with my husband in always sunny Arizona.

    I love my tender heart. I feel empathy strongly and love jumping in with my sleeves rolled up, ready to help wherever is needed. While sometimes it can get me in trouble, I’m so thankful for it. I love how He is stretching it daily, and always in a different direction than I would have taken it!

    It’s the best time of the year for just about a million reasons! The cozy sweaters (sadly not in Phoenix though), twinkling lights, and festive music are all part of it, but for me it’s the family. There’s something so special about sharing this time of year with family.

    I’m so thrilled to be joining you all this Advent season. What a joy it is!

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