Forgiving others takes courage, humans may fail us, as they desire to love and help. Only God heals, restores, and renews.
My rest is in the Lord, maintaining peace for our souls, minds, and spirits in trials, brokeness, victories, and joys.
We choose:
Jesus, because He is always for us.
Love and faith, because love wins over fear.
Acceptance over taking offense, and pray for others instead.
Grace over rules and judgment, because mercy triumphs .
Forgiveness, because Jesus modeled ultimate forgiveness on the cross.
Freedom through His resurrection, over the law.
Authenticity, like the Velveteen Rabbit, because transparency brings intimacy and trust, over a facade.
Vulnerability, over a hardened heart.
Trust over distrust, with those we feel safe.
Safety, over fear.
Self-care, because God’s power within us reveals our value.
Prayer, over worry.
Resting at the Lord’s feet, over fretting.
Peace and reflection, over distractions and business.
Truth, over lies.
We pause and breathe and know His Presence in nature.
May God’s grace, mercy, love and justice reside in our hearts, minds and spirits, as we continue to keep our eyes on our true love, Jesus, and receive His spirit in us to bring sustained PEACE.
Psalm 19, 91, 103; John 15